15 September 2014

BBQ Surprise Birthday Party, Lyn Marsh

It has been a terrific Summer for ChefGary's Deluxe BBQ menus this year, catering mostly under magnificent sunshine, but also cooking and battling away with torrential down pours on a few occasions! My last BBQ of the year fell on a perfect day, with plenty of sun but certainly not too hot! For a surprise birthday celebration, it was a huge pleasure to come up with a delicious menu alongside Lyn, who had superbly organised a fantastic day for her husband under secrecy! Cooking in the beautiful grounds of an equally beautiful house for a fantastic bunch of family and friends turned out to be a superb evening, offering a delicious menu that was well received all round.


Charred 1 Kg Rump Steaks, Sliced with Crushed Black Peppercorns and Sea Salt,
x x x
Pork Loin Medallions, marinated with Dijon and Cider, Crackling,
x x x
Pork and Leek Sausages, 
x x x
Soy, Honey and Chilli marinated Chicken Breast, Pancetta,
x x x
Salmon en Pappillotte, Fennel, Chilli and Orange,
x x x
Char-grilled Halloumi, Field Mushrooms, roasted Green Peppers,

x x x

Asian 'Slaw, Red Cabbage, Spring Onion, Peppers, Soy, Chilli and Lime Dressing
x x x
Mediterranean Cous Cous, Chilli, Lemon, Cumin seed, roasted Tomatoes and fresh Basil,
x x x
Mozzarella, Blush Tomato, Avocado, Red Onion, 

x x x

Baked Baguette, Spring Onion, Tomato and glazed Cheddar.

To Finish:

Vanilla, Cardamom and Honeycomb Creme Brulee.

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