I hold great pride in the fact that my business is growing through word of mouth and every event that I have catered for has come by recommendation. I have used my Website and Blog purely as a base to show people what I can do. I recently received a phone call enquiry for a private dinner party which was due to a search engine hit on my Dinner Party Page. I was really chuffed that I had a potential new client and I was really excited when the booking was confirmed and I helped design a menu with the host to fit the occasion. The menu was to be for nine hens that were celebrating a hen night with a glamorous dinner at home.

I had to travel to a little village just outside of Basingstoke and was totally in awe as I drove up the drive of a beautiful old house with plenty of character and amazingly attractive gardens. I received a very warm welcome and was shown to a lovely kitchen where I unpacked all the food, crockery and cooking utensils. In the kitchen I was shown a beautifully kept Swedish designed AGA oven which was a first for me as although I am familiar with the concept of them I have never had the opportunity to use one before. I had the greatest pleasure of having a huge work space to make use of and I got to grips with the AGA oven until the ladies were ready for dinner. They were all very hospitable and friendly and I was looking forwards to delivering the first course.


Smoked salmon on granary toast, lemon, black pepper and fresh dill,
King prawns, sweet chilli sauce, crisp iceberg lettuce.

Burrata cheese, Parma ham and roasted figs on baby leaves, 
toasted pecans, honey and lemon vinaigrette.
x x x
Freshly made bread, blush tomatoes, spring onion and cheddar.

Char grilled chicken breast, marinated with garlic, fresh basil and virgin olive oil.
Crushed rosemary new potatoes, 
Roasted baby carrots, char grilled asparagus spears and green beans saute with pancetta.

Trio of desserts,
Lemon brulee, white chocolate and fresh minted cheesecake, honeycomb and cinnamon ice cream.

Burrata cheese, Parma ham, figs, toasted pecans, baby leaves, honey and lemon vinaigrette.
Blush tomato, spring onion and cheddar bread.
Char grilled chicken, marinated with garlic, fresh basil and virgin olive oil.
Trio of desserts.
Fruit carvings

Thank you to Susan and Eliza Ferguson for being very welcoming on my arrival and thank you for all the positive feedback. I am really pleased that you enjoyed my cooking and it makes all the effort that I put in so rewarding. I hope to cook for you again in the near future.

"Dear Gary ,
Thank you for being such a star and providing such a delicious dinner for the ' Hens ' they all loved it , and they so enjoyed the evening totally made by having their own personal Chef who far surpassed all their expectations. Thank you also for leaving my kitchen so immaculately! We all loved looking at your photos and your lovely write up"
Sarah Ferguson, Hen Party Dinner, Dummer.