PRIVATE DINNER PARTY, Jules and Sue Porter,

My wife and I first met Jules and Sue Porter when we chose them to do our wedding photography nearly four years ago. They are such a great friendly couple and it was easy to establish a lasting relationship with them. We have kept in contact and have seen them take on the photography of several mutual friends of ours over the years. My wife and I had a Dinner party with Jules and Sue in March and they got to sample my cooking when I made a few curries for us all. We really enjoyed their company on the night and we spoke about my new business venture as a Dinner Party Chef. Jules and Sue both love their food and had a dinner party planned in April and they asked if I would like to do the catering and of course I was really excited to take on another event. 

We worked on a great menu together that suited the tastes of Jules' guests and we have all been looking forwards to the dinner date since. There were to be six diners in total and we went for a relaxed pre starter of pitta bread and hummus to go in the middle of the table for everyone to share. On our previous dinner we had a sweet chilli dip that Sue was especially fond of so we chose this to go with Thai style salmon fish cakes to start the evening off. Main-course was to be roasted lamb rump, served with Asian spices. We opted for Vanilla brulee to end the evening which has always gone well as a great favourite dessert.

I arrived at Jules' and Sue's early evening with the guests sipping Jules' favourite cocktails outside in the garden. I received a warm welcome from a really friendly bunch as I unloaded my equipment into the kitchen. I set the table and then served the pitta bread and hummus outside. I had positive feedback from the first course which followed all the way through to dessert. I had a great evening as usual when I cater for dinner parties and I am sure we will be dining again soon.

Menu for Julian and Sue Porter

To begin;
Freshly made pitta bread, 
Red pepper and chilli hummus.

Thai salmon fish cakeschilli, ginger and lime,
Sweet chilli sauce, watercress, spring onion and coriander salad.

Rump of lamb, roasted in garam masala;
Spiced puy lentils, carrot and cumin puree, crisp potato rosti, 
Sauté spring greens with garlic, nutmeg and black pepper, red chilli, ginger and tomato gravy.

Vanilla crème brulee, crunchy honeycomb, 
Vanilla shortbread and fresh raspberries.

Fresh pitta bread and hummus.

Thai salmon fish cakes, sweet chilli sauce.

Spiced lamb rump.

Vanilla brulee, honeycomb.

"The six of us had the most amazing time and as the host's Sue and I were chilled all night happy knowing that you were creating a taste sensation (well lots of them) just a few feet away in our kitchen. Every one of the 4 courses brought something new and each and every one was amaxing to look at and to eat, there was not an awful lot of talking going on rather lots of happy munchy sounds :-) 

To top things off we woke the next day to a spotless kitchen and no washing up at all.

This was our greatest desicion with regards to a dinner party for many years, you will be back !!!!!"

Jules and Sue 

Thanks to Julian and Sue for hosting a great evening and making me feel welcome.