Private Dinner Party, Patsy and Ron Back

"A delectable menu cooked for a gathering of altruistic friends"

My latest Private Dinner Party was for Patsy and Ron Back in New Milton, not too far from the New Forest. I was initially contacted  by their son, Steven, to purchase a Dinner Party gift voucher to present to them on the celebration of their Golden wedding Anniversary. 

It was great fun as always to come up with the menu and I had been looking forwards to producing the dishes on the evening since. I am really passionate about my food and when I am in the kitchen cooking away, I attain passion in abundance, which is reflected in my final dishes. 

On the evening, I arrived early to set up, meeting Patsy and Ron for the first time. They were really friendly, welcoming me into their home and showing me through to the kitchen. I enjoyed a cup of tea as I set up and chatted with the hosts whilst doing so. Shortly after, their friends arrived, coming into the kitchen to give a friendly hello before seating in the lounge whilst I began to plate the starters. 

From the first course, through to desserts, I received plenty of warm compliments which really helped to make my evening.  I sat down with them all after the last course and demonstrated one of my apple carvings which had impressed in the middle of the table. It was a great way to end the evening and I attained great pleasure from creating a delectable menu cooked for a gathering of altruistic friends.

"Everything was perfection. Not only the quality and preparation of the food, but also the way you integrated with us as if we had known you for years"


To Begin:

Caramelised figs, 
Saint Agur, Parma ham, balsamic, honey, cinnamon,


Tian of white crab meat, 
Grapefruit and chervil dressing, celeriac remoulade,

Main course:

Assiette of British Pork,
Pan roasted pork fillet, Confit of pork belly, Sea salt crackling,
Dijon mashed potatoes, roast parsnips and carrots, saute green beans, Cider and cream sauce,

To Finish:

Lemon tarte, fresh berries, caramel tuille.

"Dear Gary

Our golden wedding celebrations started on 10th March and ended on 11th April, culminating in a wonderful evening at home with the superb meal you cooked for us and our friends.

I admit being a bit apprehensive before you came, wondering how you would manage in an unfamiliar kitchen and my ancient cooker – but no problem at all as far as you were concerned. I need not have worried.

Everything was perfection. Not only the quality and preparation of the food, but also the way you integrated with us as if we had known you for years. The “icing on the cake” was the delightful “swan” as a table decoration, carved out of an apple. Then the real bonus was having the fruit carving demo at the end of the meal.  You left an immaculate kitchen and this was gratefully appreciated. 

Many many thanks Gary. You are not only a wonderful cook and perfectionist, but an artist too.

Patsy & Ron"