Private Dinner Party, Maureen and Ian

Another Fantastic Dinner Party to add to many others that have educed great pleasure, pride and sense of achievement. Tonight, I cooked for some of my favourite people, whom I have cooked for several times now. Ian, Maureen, Davis and Sharon sampled my BBQ food last Summer and have hosted two Private Dinner Parties between them since. Maureen and Ian live in a converted bungalow which has been transformed over the years by Ian himself into a magnificent home, offering tremendous space inside with a perfect kitchen for me to work from. I was given a tour before I commenced my preparation, receiving the privilege of viewing Ian's "boys room" which is filled with some amazing memorabilia. 

David and Sharon arrived shortly after I did and we caught up briefly before I served the the King prawn starter, with roasted butter nut squash, garlic and chilli. A great dish which I refined after sampling prawns and squash together on an evening out with friends. It went down really well with tonight's guests and I was in good stead to serve the second course. Fillet of beef Wellington, being one of the most popular dishes at my Private Dinner Parties is also one of my favourite to cook, using the most tender cut of beef. Wrapped in Parma ham and wild mushroom pate for added flavour, it is wrapped in pastry and best served medium rare. Ian went for a sea bass alternative, seared with red pesto and accompanied with a butter and lemon sauce which is also a great winner as a Dinner Party main-course. For dessert, I served banoffee pancakes, which was a great choice by Maureen, being a comforting dessert enjoyed by everyone. As Ian is particularly fond of coffee ice cream, I served a coffee and hazelnut flavour in Espresso cups to finish the evening off.


To Start:

Saute king prawns, garlic and chilli, roasted butter nut squash.


Fillet of beef Wellington, red wine gravy,
Seared sea bass fillet, red pesto, lemon butter sauce,

Served with: Buttered Jersey royals, glazed chantaney carrots, green beans, asparagus spears.

To Finish:

Banoffee pancakes, Chantilly cream, caramel tuille,

Espresso and hazelnut ice cream.

"Dear Gary, Once again many thanks for a wonderful evening, perfect in every way. Look forward to arranging another event"  
Ian and Maureen, 

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