Private Dinner Party, Charlotte Smailes

I have just spent the most fantastic weekend in a beautiful and appealing country house near Winchester with the most friendly and benevolent family. I was cooking for 14 close family friends that had got together for the whole weekend to celebrate a 70th Birthday. Friday was my first evening with all of them, cooking up a four course Private Dinner Party Menu starting with some delectable canapes, being enjoyed in the lounge along with a glass of champagne. The remaining three courses were selected from my menu page and served at the table. 

I was welcomed very warmly on my first day and it was a complete pleasure from beginning to end. The kitchen was really spacious so it was great to be able to unpack everything and set up with the luxury of plenty of free work space. I have cooked in many kitchens, large and small but this was definitely one of my favourites, with a modern stlye Swedish Aga. The first two courses went by quickly but I especially enjoyed the children coming in to watch me preparing the desserts which made the end of the evening light hearted and it was fun to have the company whilst plating up. I also enjoyed a glass of wine towards the later part of the night which is always a great accompaniment to any Dinner Party. 


To Begin:
Marinated Chicken Satay Skewers, roasted Cashew and Chilli dip,
x x x
Seared Asparagus spears, Parma ham,
x x x
Crayfish Tails, spiced guacamole,

To Start:
White Crab meat, grapefruit and chervil dressing,
Rocket salad, Avocado,

Pan roasted Rump of Lamb, Red Wine and Rosemary Gravy,
Creamed mash, Baby carrots, Red cabbage, Saute Green Beans,

To Finish:
Summer Pudding, Chilled Vanilla Custard, Fresh Blueberries and Raspberries.

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