Private Dinner Party, Mark and Cindy.

"Awesome Dinner Party! Once again your food was the star of the evening" Mark Billington

I have been catering for Private Dinner Parties for a few years now and Mark and Cindy were amongst the first to sample my cooking! It has been a huge pleasure cooking for them on many occasions, trying out savorous and delectable dishes as I expanded my repertoire and developed my skills along the way. I also have the pleasure to able to class them as good friends, being introduced by Julian and Sue Porter a good while back at their own Private Dinner Party for Jules' Birthday. Jules and Sue are long standing friends of Marks and Cindy's and my wife and I had the great titillation of their amazing photography at our wedding over 5 years ago, staying friends since. My latest Dinner Party for Mark and Cindy was definitely in my all time top ten and I cooked up one of Mark's favourites, "Trio of Duck" tonight, though the main reason for the latest celebratory dinner was for Cindy's Birthday. 

It was great to catch up with both of them whilst I unpacked my kitchen equipment and I enjoyed a lovely cup of tea from Cindy whilst Mark tried to ply me with beer throughout the rest of the evening. They are always the perfect hosts and I enjoyed cooking for an intimate number of six guests, putting out four courses of some great tasting, pleasing and aromatic food. Mark and I both enjoy our photography due to Jules and we both got trigger happy around the food. As always, I enjoy posting the pictures on my Blog afterwards as it is a perfect way to end each Dinner Party.


To Begin:

Hoi Sin glazed Pork belly skewers,
x x x
Blue cheese, Parma ham, Blush tomato,
x x x
Bruschetta, Sweet baby Plum Tomato and Basil Salsa,

To Start:

Saute King Prawns, Chorizo, Chilli, Garlic, Spring Onion,


Trio of Duck:
Seared 5 Spiced Breast, Confit of Leg, Crispy Duck Parcel,
Cajun Chips, Spiced Red Cabbage, Soy and Honey fused Gravy,

To Finish:

Trio of Creme Brulees,
Vanilla and Honeycomb,
Baileys, Toffee and Cinnamon,
Cardamom and Orange.

"Awesome Dinner Party! Once again your food was the star of the evening" Mark Billington

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