18 December 2012

Private Dinner Party, John and Joan Ellwood

I have been really busy at the weekends on the run up to Christmas this year so it was great to be asked to do a Private Dinner Party  mid-week, cooking for a lovely bunch of friends and family near Fareham.
I had a great time putting the final menu together as John had emailed me a few of his favourite dishes from each course and then asked me to narrow them down, creating a surprise for the actual evening. It was a really rewarding day, meeting a benevolent group of people and receiving fantastic feed back from everyone after each plate of food. It was a complete pleasure and as always, I elicited great pride from a brilliant night's cooking.

To Start:
Bruschetta: Tomato, Sweet Chilli Salsa,
x x x
Goats Cheese, Blush Tomato, Fresh Basil,
x x x
Smoked Salmon, Wasabi Creme Fraiche, Knorri Seaweed,
To Begin:
Chilli and Garlic King Prawns, roasted Butternut Squash,
Trio of Asian Beef:
Teryaki marinated Fillet, Coconut braised Shoulder, Masala spiced Rump,
Wild Red Rice, Soy Glazed Mushrooms, Sugar snap Peas,

To Finish:
Trio of Desserts:
Bailey's and Toffee Cheese cake,
Spiced Apple and Caramel Crumble,
Vanilla and Honeycomb Creme Brulee.

Fine dining at it's best. A dinner party to remember with great food and terrific service. Gary comes with the highest of recommendations. Thank you again, John and Joan

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Fine dining at it's best.A dinner party to remember with great food and terrific service.Gary comes with the highest of recommendations