Private Dinner Party, John and Joan Ellwood

I have been really busy at the weekends on the run up to Christmas this year so it was great to be asked to do a Private Dinner Party  mid-week, cooking for a lovely bunch of friends and family near Fareham.
I had a great time putting the final menu together as John had emailed me a few of his favourite dishes from each course and then asked me to narrow them down, creating a surprise for the actual evening. It was a really rewarding day, meeting a benevolent group of people and receiving fantastic feed back from everyone after each plate of food. It was a complete pleasure and as always, I elicited great pride from a brilliant night's cooking.

To Start:
Bruschetta: Tomato, Sweet Chilli Salsa,
x x x
Goats Cheese, Blush Tomato, Fresh Basil,
x x x
Smoked Salmon, Wasabi Creme Fraiche, Knorri Seaweed,
To Begin:
Chilli and Garlic King Prawns, roasted Butternut Squash,
Trio of Asian Beef:
Teryaki marinated Fillet, Coconut braised Shoulder, Masala spiced Rump,
Wild Red Rice, Soy Glazed Mushrooms, Sugar snap Peas,

To Finish:
Trio of Desserts:
Bailey's and Toffee Cheese cake,
Spiced Apple and Caramel Crumble,
Vanilla and Honeycomb Creme Brulee.

Fine dining at it's best. A dinner party to remember with great food and terrific service. Gary comes with the highest of recommendations. Thank you again, John and Joan


Anonymous said…
Fine dining at it's best.A dinner party to remember with great food and terrific service.Gary comes with the highest of recommendations