Private Dinner Party, Andy and Louise

I cooked for Andy and Louise back in March as guests at another Dinner Party so it was fantastic to be invited to cook for them again in their own home a few months later. It was with titillation and excitement that we came up with a fabulous menu to suit a joint Birthday celebration and then a complete pleasure to work in a beautiful kitchen where I served canapes and a further three courses. It was a brilliant evening and I especially enjoyed demonstrating an Apple Swan carving for their lovely daughter who wanted to see how I made them.



Bruschetta, Baby PlumTomato, Green Chilli and Lime Salsa,
x x x
Pork Rillette, Serrano Ham, Capers, Dijon Mustard,
x x x
Sushi Maki, Smoked Mackerel Hoi Sin,
x x x
Curried Potato and Green Bean Vegetable Samosa,

To Begin:

Asian inspired Salmon and Crab Salad,
Wasabi and Chilli Cured Fillet, White Crab Meat, Sesame, Lime and Soy Dressing,
Salmon Sushi Maki, Spiced Cromesquis, 


Assiette of Roast Lamb, Redcurrant Gravy,
Pan roasted Rump, Slow Braised Shoulder of Mutton, Mutton Pie,
Creamed Mash, Glazed Carrots, Buttered Green Bean and Asparagus, Chilli and Balsamic roasted Beetroot,

To Finish:
Trio of Desserts:

Lemon Curd and Raspberry Mille Fuille,
x x x
Melting Chocolate Fondant, Peanut Butter Ice Cream,
x x x
Strawberry and Almond Crumble.

"Really great evening, the food was first class" Andy Wood

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