Private Dinner Party, Charlotte, Geoff and Family,

"Thank you for making a family celebration such a wonderful occasion. The food was unbelievably beautifully presented and completely delicious. The children and adults alike loved seeing our meal being crafted"  Charlotte.

I always enjoy catering for my Private Dinners as there is so much to love about what I do. From meeting new people, working in different environments, through to the immediate satisfaction of guests smiling over their plates of food, there are many rewards and benefits to going out and serving up delicious dishes for a living. There are always a few Dinner Parties that stand out and this weekend was one of those that I would put in my group of most memorable. Having cooked for "The Smailes" back in 2012 on two separate occasions, it was a pleasure to be invited back to do so again this August. Cooking for twelve, made up of 8 adults and 4 (nearly adults) it was fantastic to be producing the same menu for everyone. The children especially made my evening by helping out with serving and also being so attentive into what I do. As I carry a lot of passion when it comes to cooking it was great to be asked so many foodie questions, gain fantastic feedback and also being admired as I plated up the desserts! The menu was also definitely one of my top favourites, with Asian influence over the King Prawn starter and the Beef main-course finishing off with a "Trio of Desserts!"



Cured Salmon Sushi Maki, Soy dipping sauce,
x x x
Water Melon, marinated Feta, Fresh Mint leaf,
x x x
Crispy Duck Roll, Sweet Chilli,
x x x
Curried Lamb Samosa,
x x x
Bruschetta, Blue Stilton, spiced Beetroot and Tomato Chutney,

To Begin:

Saute King Prawn, Sweet Chilli, Mango,
Spring Onion, Red Pepper and fresh Coriander,


Duo of Asian Beef,
Seared Teryki Fillet, Slow Braised Brisket, 
Cashew, Green Chilli, Ginger, Coconut and Lime sauce,
Fried Wild Rice, Wok fried Vegetables,

To Finish:

Trio of Desserts,
Lemon Curd and Raspberry Mille Fuille, layered with Puff Pastry sheets,
 x x x
Vanilla, Cardamom and Honeycomb Creme Brulee,
x x x
Whipped Chantilly Cream, Fresh Raspberries, White Chocolate, Meringue.

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