Private Christmas Dinner Party Celebration with Sarah and Friends

Cooking for Sarah and her friends has become a Christmas tradition, each festive occasion getting better and better :) The latest Dinner was set on a Saturday lunchtime, starting with canapes as usual and then three courses at the table. Having cooked for everyone before it was a great atmosphere and it was a pleasure to get to see little Frankie again who has just turned 2 :) She had a special seat at the table and it was fab to join everyone after dinner and enjoy a nice glass of red wine.



Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Horseradish, Black Pepper, Lemon,
 x x x
Skewered Pork Chipolatas, Dijon, Honey, Sesame Seeds,
 x x x
Vegetable and Noodle Roll, Sweet Chilli,

To Begin: 

King Prawn, Chorizo, Balsamic, Roasted Red Pepper, Rocket,


Assiette of Lamb:
Pan Roasted Rack, Seared Lamb Rump, Pulled Lamb Shoulder and Potato Pie,
Celeriac Mash, Glazed Carrots, Asparagus Spears, Red Wine Gravy,

To Finish:

Trio of Desserts:
Raspberry and Honeycomb Fool,
x x x
Sticky Toffee Pudding, Vanilla Ice-Cream,
x x x
Banoffee Pie, Caramelized Bananas, Chantilly Cream.

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